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Martin Jee, Principal Consultant and Director

I am a technology recruiter. I decided to make Blockchain technology Oxenbury's focus because it's a small market where a small company like mine can make a big impact!

I enjoy mapping markets, building relationships and placing talented people in jobs they love - basically, I love what I do.

If you think I can help you on your journey get in touch: martin@oxenburypartners.com


Client Reviews

What really differentiates Martin is his level of preparation, attention to detail and the ability to cut through the requirements and understand the key areas of focus for a given role. Highly recommended to those that want somebody who will bring quality people into their organisations.
— Steven Haugen
Martin’s honesty, integrity and personable nature make him the ideal recruitment provider to work with. With Martin’s team on board, we no longer felt the pain of recruitment.
— Ed Price
Martin is a rare breed. Martin’s attention to details is second to none and provides all the information you need to prepare for the interview.
— Matthew Johnston